This COVID 19 Safety Plan is prepared for the health & safety of all who attend our expos until further notified by the Department of Health & Human Services as directed by the state government.

Bridal Expos Australia from hereon known as BEA – will implement a QR code for all who visit our expos. All details will be collected prior to visitors attending the expo.

For Visitors/Engaged Couples

  1. At any time that it is requested by the state government and/or the venue, mask, social distancing, and sanitation requirements will be followed at all our expos. Updates are available here:
  2. All visitors on show day will need to abide by sanitation procedures prior to entering the venue and upon leaving.
  3. 1.5 metre social distancing ruling will be applied when it’s required. This includes adhering to venue capacity limits throughout the day to comply with indoor social distancing.
  4. If a venue has directional arrows in place attendees must follow all directional arrows/markings.
  5. Hand sanitation stations will be provided at the entry point and throughout the expo.
  6. When you enter the expo the QR code on your expo ticket will need to be scanned to check you in to the event and a registration form completed. Please ensure you have your ticket/s with you.
  7. If you are attending as a group, keep together and do not stray apart.
  8. If you have any of the following symptoms, fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, chills shortness of breath and loss of sense of smell or taste please do not come to the expo even if your symptoms are very mild, stay at home.
  9. If you begin to feel unwell during the course of the expo, we ask that you keep away from other visitors and exit the venue immediately and get tested.

For Exhibitors

  1. Exhibitors will advise BEA of who will be helping them to set up on the day.
  2. We have advised our exhibitors that only 2 people at any given time are allowed on their stand on the day and we will need their details well prior to the expo date for contract tracing purposes.
  3. Exhibitor stands will be set up according to the 1.5 metre distancing rule.
  4. On set up day, exhibitors will be arriving from 8am to set up their stands and they will also need to abide by the social distancing ruling.
  5. During set up everyone including BEA staff will be wearing masks and adhering to hand sanitisation.
  6. BEA will have display material throughout the expo area advising exhibitors and visitors to the expo to adhere to these rules of hand sanitising.
  7. Only one door in and one door out. BEA will encourage all exhibitors to have hand sanitisation on their stands and refrain from standing to close to the visitors to their stand. We will also encourage exhibitors to regularly sanitise their products after each visitor has handled it and those exhibitors who are handing out samples of their baked products, we will be advising them to wear gloves, visitors are not to touch samples, the exhibitor will hand them the sample they wish.
  8. BEA will allow only 80 visitors into the expo at a time to comply with the 1.5 metre social distancing ruling.
  9. All exhibitors will be required to sanitise products often to further reduce the spread of the virus for all.
  10. Through contactless registration and ticketing BEA will ensure the smooth and effective flow of individuals not exceeding 140 into the expo.
  11. Should there be any visitors who have not pre-registered on line for the expo, they can register by firstly wearing their mask, hand sanitise and complete the registration form and then hand sanitise prior to enter the expo itself.
  12. If either the exhibitor or visitor to the expo feels unwell on the day of the expo or during the expo, must advise BEA staff immediately. They will be ushered out of the venue and told to return home or get further tests, regardless how mild their symptoms may be.
  13. BEA will encourage contactless registration.
  14. BEA staff with masks will be handing out pamper bags to the visitors.
  15. BEA staff will show exhibitors to their stand and ensure they are adhering to the 1.5 social distancing and hand sanitation stations.
  16. There will be one door to go in and out and staff will be controlling the flow of attending visitors inside and outside the expo entry point.
  17. Once the expo concludes all exhibitors will still need to observe social distancing and mask wearing.
  18. Fashion Parade – Due to COVID-19, BEA has decided not to hold a fashion parade at this time due to social distancing. We will discourage the gatherings of small crowds inside the expo and ensure that the crowd is moving along smoothly.

For testing locations visit