Trending Wedding Cakes – 2018

Over the past few years, new and unique wedding cake designs have been popping up everywhere on the internet. When researching wedding cakes for your wedding, it is so important to keep in mind the style of your wedding and what decorations you’ll be incorporating on your big day. Whether your wedding design has a heavy focus on flowers, metallic colours, or hessian fabric, remember to include them in your wedding cake design!

Wedding cakes that are trending online right now are both beautiful and versatile. You can easily manipulate a design to match your colour scheme, decorating style, or flowers. Here’s just a few of the stunning wedding cake designs you might want to consider for your wedding:

Naked Wedding Cakes

We’re sure you’ve seen these on social media, but have you considered them for your wedding? Their simplistic style can be dressed up or down to suit the style of your wedding. You could change the colour of the icing, the flavour of the cake, incorporate flowers and greenery, or even add macarons for a pop of colour. Naked wedding cakes are always picture perfect, you can’t go wrong!

Metallic Wedding Cakes

Metallic icing is on trend this year and will look fabulous if you’re incorporating rose gold, silver, gold or bronze tones in your wedding. Metallic wedding cakes are both elegant and bold and will stand out at your wedding. You can mix and match different colours and include a metallic tier or metallic leaf for a subtle shine!

Cheese Wedding ‘Cakes’

Not much of a sweet tooth? How about having a tiered wedding cake made out of cheese! This is a great solution for those who don’t like sweets but still want to enjoy their wedding cake. And who doesn’t love cheese? Cheese can be wrapped, waxed and stacked to look elegant and minimal. Add flowers, hessian or greenery and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous substitute for a wedding cake.

Marble Wedding Cakes

You’ve probably seen ‘galaxy’ cakes online, but did you know that similar cake decorating techniques can be used to create marble cakes? Marble-look icing on a wedding cake is elegant and unique. It’s also a great way to include any colours you’re featuring in your wedding. You could even add hints of metallic leaf for something a little extra!

Geode Wedding Cakes

Want something a little different than a traditional wedding cake? Geode cakes are trending this year. They’re a bold design that will add a special sparkle to your wedding day. Geode wedding cakes can be made colourful or monochromatic, depending on what you’re going for on your wedding day.

There are so many amazing wedding cake designs trending at the moment. Which styles are you considering for your wedding?

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to display your fabulous wedding cake at your wedding so that your guests can appreciate the design and get up close for a photo!

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