2021 Wedding Trends - open air marquee with small number of tables set up underneath

2021 Wedding Trends

This year has certainly been a difficult year for the wedding industry, but there is always a silver lining. One thing we have seen as a result of lockdown is a spark for new and creative ideas on how to celebrate your special day. If your wedding is on the horizon for next year, we have compiled a list of wedding trends for 2021 that may just be your cup of tea!

Micro weddings

Even before lockdown, the concept of small, intimate weddings, colloquially known as micro-weddings were making a statement with more couples ditching a large guest list. Inviting only their closest family and friends, micro-weddings enable couples to share their day with their nearest and dearest. The small guest list enables couples to celebrate their wedding in some spectacular areas that would otherwise not be possible with large numbers. Next year may see a rise in micro-weddings as restrictions may still limit the number of guests at a wedding. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding of your dreams. In fact, it can be the perfect way to celebrate with the ones you love most!

Outdoor weddings

More couples may opt to have their wedding based in an outdoor setting if indoor restrictions are still in place. Think beautiful farmland, barn weddings, nature backdrops, beach weddings, outdoor gazebos.. even outdoor dance floors under the stars! There are so many options when it comes to outdoor venues, that you can transform into the ultimate wedding setting. For inspiration, tagvenue have a great list of outdoor wedding venues Australia wide.

Colour splash trends

Traditional whites and ivory may be set to take a back seat next year, with wedding fashion experts expecting a rise in colourful, playful bride and groom attire. Burgundy and forest green suits are on the rise as well as bridal playsuits . Marigold, slate grey and navy are also predicted to work well for the bridal party and stand out perfectly against outdoor natural backdrops.   

Weekday weddings

The backlog of postponed weddings is sure to see a rise in weekday weddings as there are only a certain number of weekends to work with during the year. Expect to see venues opening up weekday options in order to meet demands. With careful planning and plenty of notice for guests, weekday weddings can be a great option for your special day.

2021 Wedding Trends - Wedding Coordinator at Event

Wedding coordinators

2021 may still see several restrictions in place, and a list of things you can and can’t do. With this in mind, next year is predicted to see a rise in the wedding planner to assist couples with their planning. Wedding planners can be the perfect option for couples who want to make sure everything runs smoothly whilst meeting all the requirements of the venue. They are like the fairy godmother of weddings!

So that’s our list of 2021 wedding trends! For more wedding inspiration and ideas, head to our Facebook page.