5 Skincare Tips from Enbacci for your wedding day

Skin For That Special Day

Guest Publication by Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci Skincare


I feel like this is a topic that most of us will know.

When we have a special occasion coming up, we tend to want to treat ourselves to a little pampering the day before. Then BANG! Your skin has just betrayed you on such an important occasion and you can’t figure out why. What a lot of people may or may not realise is that it takes about two weeks for your skin to get used to new products. Going to the salon the day before an important event may not necessarily be the best option for your skin, especially if you know that you tend to “break out”. Unfortunately, great skin isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, so here are our tips for getting your skin ready for that special occasion, without the visit to the spa salon.

  1. Avoid introducing new products to your skin. If you really can’t go without your visit to the spa salon, we recommend that you commence treatment at least six weeks prior to the date of the event. This gives your skin enough time to adjust to the treatment, as well as allows the beauty therapist to work on potentially problem areas.
  2. Utilise your deep cleansing routine. I always stress the importance of having a deep cleansing routine to extract the build up of impurities from your skin. This will be even more so important if you want great skin for that important day. Deep cleanse once to twice a week depending on your skin type. You know your skin best, so go for it. Our Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub and Detoxifying Clay Mask make a powerful deep cleansing duo.
  3. Keep hydrated. If you aren’t the person who typically drinks a lot of water, make sure you do become one at least two weeks prior to that important day. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins from your body, helping to make your skin glow.
  4. Minimise or eliminate processed foods. Processed foods can do all sorts of whacky things to our hormones which in turn, does whacky things to our skin. Keeping your gut and your hormones balanced is key when it comes to clear skin.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. Between 6-8 hours each night is ideal (your hormones will thank you for it).

These five tips aren’t only constrained to a special occasion, but can also be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle for better skin in general.

If you are planning to try this out or currently do some of these things, share your special day with us on Instagram. If you’re using our products, be sure to tag @enbacci and hashtag #enbacciyourday so that we know where to find them!


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