Wedding Guesting Having Fun on Bouncy Balls

5 Wedding Trends of 2019

If you are one of the lucky ones to be getting married in 2019, you have plenty to be excited about. New and entertaining trends are making waves in the wedding industry and are set to ensure you and your guests have the most memorable of wedding days.

The wedding trends of 2019 are bold, quirky, entertaining, cutting edge and set to make a statement. Tradition has been replaced with couples embracing their individuality and planning a day their guests won’t ever forget!

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Many brides of 2019 are opting for less traditional dresses, instead choosing a dress with pockets, or even an elegant jumpsuit option. Modern day brides are choosing practicality and comfort as their main priorities and wedding dresses with pockets swarmed the runways during Bridal Fashion Week.

Nicole Warne Wedding Dress With Pockets Wedding Dress Trend 2019
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Couples are looking to ensure their guests have the time of their lives and are choosing more unusual forms of entertainment. Photobooths and DJ’s are less likely to be the chosen entertainment in 2019 – instead couples are considering entertaining guests with tarot card readers, mini-games, circus performers, face painters, caricaturists, craft tables and more. The more unique-the better is what is on trend for 2019 weddings.

Wedding Guesting Having Fun on Bouncy Balls
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Move over whites and creams – here come the reds, pinks and oranges to make a splash in the wedding decor. Even shades of purple are set to steal the limelight this year. The latest wedding trends for 2019 see bolder colour statements as the preferred decorating and styling options. More couples are forgoing the traditional safe wedding colours – instead embracing bright colours in everything from bridesmaid dresses to table settings and floral arrangements.

Purple Table Decor
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Thanks to Princess Eugenie and her desire to have a ‘plastic-free’ wedding, many couples are embracing sustainability and incorporating this into their wedding planning. Some sustainable options for couples on trend for 2019 weddings are plastic-free decorations, replacing plastic with paper and glass alternatives and even using flowers that can be replanted. The popularity of organic menus and biodegradable invitations is also on the rise – all in the name of protecting our planet. Instead of using confetti to celebrate the ceremony, eco-friendly couples are handing out lavender or rose petals that won’t harm the environment.

Eco Bag with Lavender Petals To Throw
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Couples are looking to re-invent how food is offered to their guests at their wedding. Food trucks were once a popular option; however, 2019 wedding trends see a rise in sharing platters, grazing tables, farm-to-fork menus and dessert tables as the preferred option to keep their guests satisfied. Couples are also ditching the traditional cake idea for edible displays that guests can enjoy throughout the day!

Image via Instagram: @Lavishplatters
Grazing Table From @lavishplatters QLD (Instagram)

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