The Best Wedding Favours 2020

Wedding favours have evolved over the years, moving away from traditional gifts towards being more reflective of a couple and their wedding experience.

These days more couples are wanting their wedding favours to be unique, creative and useful, so we have come up with our favourite types of modern-day wedding favours that will not only delight your guests, but also leave them with a wonderful token of your special day.

Plantable seeds

In the past few years, more couples have decided to hand out plantable seeds as eco-friendly gifts. They are made with seed paper that can be planted in soil indoors and outdoors. You can even get personalised text on the seed paper to leave your guests with a memorable message. For more inspiration on custom seed packets check out The Seed Collection here.


Engraved coasters

Instead of printed name cards, a popular option for a modern-day wedding favour is to engrave coasters with guests’ names, that also act as a take home gift. Not only do the guests find out where they are sitting, they also get to take home their very own personalised coaster as a wedding favour. With so many options and designs to choose from, personalised coasters can be a stunning addition to table settings and will be sure to get your guests excited!

Donut wall

If you are keen for a tasty and modern spin on wedding favours, why not try a donut wall – after all, who doesn’t love a fresh donut? Beautifully glazed and decorated donuts have made a huge comeback over the years and can be displayed on an impressive feature board that can make the perfect dessert bar backdrop for something a little different! Guests can select one to take home with them on the night and enjoy a sweet treat that evening or the next day as a sweet momento

Candy bars

If donuts aren’t your thing, there is another self-serve idea and that is the candy bar option! With endless sweets to choose from, you can provide your guests with a table or two of delectable sweets and candies with bags they can help themselves to fill! For a more personal spin, you can get your newlyweds names printed on the bags as an added touch. Favour Perfect have some ideas for personalised candy wedding favours for inspiration.

Personalised Candy

Personalised candy not only looks great, but tastes delicious too! You can get rock candy made in a wide range of flavours and have colours, wording and images included that suit you and your partner! We recommend Sticky Candy for any personalised candy needs – you can even get a free sample in our 2020 pamper bags!

Loose leaf tea

Increasing in popularity as a modern-day wedding favour option is bespoke loose-leaf tea blends. Displayed in gorgeous glassware or personalised packaging, some couples love the idea of creating a blend of tea for their guests to take home and enjoy. The tea can be personalised with gift tags or printing to say thank you to guests for being a part of the wedding.


For some couples, the idea of providing money to a charity in lieu of wedding favours is the preferred option and is gaining traction in the modern era. Instead of paying for individual wedding favours, the couple donates money they would have otherwise spent and put it towards their chosen charity. Couples may put a printed card on guests’ tables with information about their charity and why they chose them.


We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your wedding favours! Do you have a modern spin on wedding favours you would like to share? Share it with us on our Facebook page.