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Choosing Your Dream Wedding Veil

It’s time to start creating your overall wedding day look… You’ve chosen your dream wedding dress; the next step is to match the perfect wedding veil to compliment your wedding gown and complete the overall bridal look you’ve dreamed of.

When choosing your veil, it’s important to consider the length, width and style. From a cathedral length veil that extends beyond the wedding dress train adding that dramatic touch to a birdcage veil just covering the bride’s face, perfect for a more vintage inspired look.

You might already have your dream veil type decided that’s great and just leaves you with the task of selecting the fabric, if it’ll have lace or beading, the type of head/hair attachment, etc. If you’re not sure, here’s some wedding veil types you might want to try with your dress:

Choosing your dream Wedding Veil - Waist Length Veil

Waist Length

A waist length veil adds a romantic and timeless touch to your wedding day look! Falling just at the bride’s waist, it’s a light veil perfect for a bride that wants a more traditional wedding day look.

Choosing your dream Wedding Veil - Fingertip Veil

Fingertip veil

The fingertip veil is one of the most popular veils and falls just below the bride’s hips allowing for the wedding dress to be the main focus point. The fingertip veil will compliment a low bun hair style.

Shoulder length veil

Just reaching the brides shoulders this veil adds a more fun and flirty approach to their overall wedding day outfit. It’s simplicity means it doesn’t compete with the wedding dress. It pairs well with a half up half down hairstyle.

Choosing your dream Wedding Veil - Chapel Length Veil

Chapel Length

A chapel length veil is often selected when a bride wants a train added to their wedding gown look. The chapel length veil extends just below the wedding gown adding that extra length that just skims the floor behind them.

Choosing your dream Wedding Veil - Cathedral Veil

Cathedral Length

A cathedral length veil often falls beyond the bride’s gown adding that dramatic touch to your overall wedding ensemble. It matches well with an up do hair style, such as a high bun, giving a classic romantic look.

Floor Length

Floor length veils are among the most popular long veils available, just skimming and gracefully touching the floor. This veil is perfectly matched with a slim wedding gown adding extra volume to the overall look.

Choosing your dream Wedding Veil - Bird Cage Veil


A birdcage veil is the shortest veil to choose from, just covering the brides face, the birdcage veil allows for a more retro sophisticated wedding look. Usually made from lace or a net, this veil can just cover the eyes, just reach the bottom of the nose or reach to the jawline. The most common hair style to compliment this look is a pulled back tight bun.


A blusher veil is commonly known as the tulle that is pulled over the bride’s face as she prepares to walk down the aisle and it’s pulled back during the ceremony. The most common hair style paired with this veil is a hair down look.

Finding your dream dress and wedding veil and working out your bridal look is such an exciting time and we hope you enjoy trying different veils to find the perfect one.

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