The Melbourne Bridal & Wedding Expo
15th & 16th January 2022


Bridal Expos Australia from hereon known as BEA.


Until further advised by the relevant government authorities & the MCEC, Bridal Expos Australia will abide as follow:


  • Bridal Expos Australia advises all exhibitors, staff and All attending the expo over this weekend to scan the QR code and have their fully vaccinated certificate ready to be checked for entry into the venue.
  • All Exhibitors to wear the appropriate protective elements, ie masks if enforceable inline with the Victorian restrictions, hand sanitising along with keeping to the social distancing ruling of 1.5 metres whilst exhibitors, BEA staff, contractors set up and pack down for the expo – this will be strictly maintained.
  • During set up period, everyone including BEA staff will be wearing masks if mandatory, adhering to social distancing and hand sanitisation practices will be applied.
  • BEA will have appropriate signage throughout the venue expo area advising All attendees to adhere to these rules.
  • BEA will encourage all exhibitors to have hand sanitisers on their stand throughout both days. BEA will also encourage exhibitors to regularly sanitise their products after each visitor has handled it and those exhibitors who are handing out samples of their baked products will need to wear gloves, visitors will not be able to touch or help themselves to samples. The exhibitor will hand them directly the sample they wish which will be covered.
  • All exhibitors will be required to sanitise their products and table tops, etc, as often as possible to further reduce the spread of the virus for all.
  • Through contactless registration and ticketing BEA will ensure the smooth and effective flow of attendees not exceeding the venue’s capacity limit into the expo.
  • Should there be any visitors who have not pre-registered online for the expo and arrive on the day, BEA will always firstly encourage them to initially purchase their tickets online, failing that BEA will offer them payment via credit card facility. ALL ATTENDEES, SUPPLIERS, CONTRACTORS AND BEA STAFF will need to QR Code and be double vaccinated prior to entry and will be required to show their Vaccination Certificate. COVID Marshalls will be in attendance to ensure all entering the MCEC venue are thoroughly checked prior to queuing up for entry into the expo area.
  • BEA will always encourage contactless registration and payment.
  • BEA staff will show exhibitors to their stand while adhering to the social distancing ruling.
  • Once the expo concludes all exhibitors will still need to observe social distancing, hand sanitisation and mask wearing if required.
  • BEA will have appropriate COVID 19 signage visible to all to adhere to all COVID 19 health and safety requirements.
  • BEA will have Marshalls, directing visitors on where to go and advise on all matters relating to COVID health regulations. BEA Marshalls will be patrolling the aisles at the expo also ensuring that social distancing is upheld and attendees are behaving in an appropriate manner. If the wearing of masks indoors is still mandatory this will be upheld (unless a lawful exception applies).
  • If face masks are dirty or wet during the expo hours, they will need to be replaced with clean ones immediately. Exhibitors will need to have sufficient supply for their stand and their staff for the duration of the expo.
  • Fashion Parade – Runway – BEA models will practice social distancing at all times including in the changerooms by keeping to the 1.5 metre ruling as practically as possible. COVID Marshalls will be patrolling the seated and standing areas ensuring attendees are wearing masks if mandatory and keeping to strict social distancing.
  • Once the fashion parade has concluded, BEA Marshalls will sanitise the chairs at the parade ensuring they are clean and ready for the next parade. After the final parade, these Marshalls, will again clean and sanitise the chairs ready to be packed up at the end of the expo. A bridal dance performance will be presented on the runway prior to the fashion parade.
  • During the finale of the fashion parade, there will be fireworks presented. These fireworks do not leave smoke or flame and are compliant with MCEC’s rulings. No debris of any kind is left on the catwalk after the completion of the finale.
  • COVID marshalls will be also patrolling the expo aisles ensuring attendees are moving along and not stopped and gathered for long periods of time.
  • COVID marshalls and BEA staff will also be attending to queues ready to enter the expo, again ensuring that attendees are behaving in an appropriate manner, that mask wearing is adhered to if necessary, social distancing is upheld and hand sanitising is being done.
  • BEA will make announcements over the PA system reminding all attending the expo to keep to social distancing, be proficient with hand sanitising and to be wearing a face mask if applicable.
  • BEA will have signage visible to advise attendees of patron limits at the entrance.
  • Security guards on the entry/exit doors to the expo will control the flow of entry/exit via BEA which will adhere to MCEC’s advice of allowing maximum attendees at any given time into the expo (this may change as COVID restrictions change and this will be updated as soon as BEA is advised by the MCEC). Once expo attendee capacity is reached, attendees will have to wait until people leave the expo before they can enter, ie. 4 people leave, 4 people permitted to enter.
  • End of Day Control – Once the expo concludes, all visitors will be advised to leave via PA system, they will need to social distance and hand sanitise prior to leaving via the exit doors to the concourse. All exhibitors and staff will still need to observe social distancing and mask wearing if applicable, and sanitise their hands and products and then exit the venue as soon as possible.
  • If either Exhibitor, staff member or attendee feel unwell and have any of the following symptoms, fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, chills, shortness of breath and loss of sense of smell or taste, BEA urges them not to come to the expo even if the symptoms are very mild, stay at home.
  • BEA advise, that if anyone attending the expo begin to feel unwell during the course of the day, we ask that they keep away from other visitors, contact any BEA staff member advising them of their situation and then exit the venue immediately and get tested. While awaiting for test results – please stay at home and isolate.

For further information about COVID 19 Coronavirus and testing locations visit