Creating The Perfect Wedding Grazing Table

It’s hard not to notice the rise in popularity of a good grazing table -so much so, they have made their way into the wedding scene as a favourable catering option. Therefore,  Bridal Expos is giving you 5 ways to create the perfect wedding grazing table! More couples are becoming confident to move away from old wedding traditions and showcase their individual tastes and styles. Grazing tables are a perfect way to get creative and provide a great space for guests to mingle. But they can go wrong! Presentation is key, as well as a variety of food options to create an amazing wedding feature.


Here are our 6 top tips to create the perfect wedding grazing table:


1.Choose your table style

After checking with your wedding venue if you can offer a grazing platter, the next step is to decide on the type of grazing table you will provide for your guests. A lot of factors can influence this decision, including the style of your wedding – is it a relaxed, cock-tail type wedding, or a more formal occasion? The number of guests attending will also impact on the amount of food you should provide. Would you prefer a long, picnic type table or a square table? Would you like guests to be able to walk around the table?

Good housekeeping have some great grazing table ideas here to help you decide the style of table that complements the theme of your wedding.

Wedding grazing platter - 5 ways to create perfect wedding grazing platter

2. Food variety

There are so many different types of food you can provide your guests so this one comes down to personal preference as well as the style of your wedding. Popular options include anything that is bite-size finger food that doesn’t require cutlery or plates. Creating a perfect wedding grazing platter takes some planning and creativity. Think different types of cheeses, cured meats, home-made dips, antipasto, fresh and dried fruits and fresh bread! Some couples with a sweet tooth may also offer a range of sweet treats, candies, cakes and more. The list is endless so get creative! It’s always a good idea to be wary of any food allergies your guests may have and try and avoid these where possible

!Wedding platter - tips to create the perfect wedding platter

3. Fresh and seasonal produce

You can’t beat the quality and freshness of seasonal produce. Incorporating a variety of seasonal produce at the time of your wedding can really enhance food flavours and keep your guests happy! Go one step further and find some locally sourced produce in your wedding venue area for that something special for your guests to enjoy!

seasonal fruit and vegetables in buckets - creating the perfect wedding grazing platter

4.Grazing Boards

You can go into any homeware store these days and find a plethora of grazing boards and cheese platters of any shape and size. These are basically what your food will be displayed on, so choosing the right ones according to the type of food you have is important if you are wanting to create the perfect wedding grazing platter! If you don’t want to have to buy these and store them, there are many catering companies that you can hire grazing boards from.

Deli meat grazing platter - 5 tips to create perfect wedding grazing platter

5.Presentation is key

Now that you have decided on the style of table, the type of food and grazing platters, the next step is putting it all together to create a beautiful wedding feature. It can be hard to visualize the end product so gaining inspiration from apps like Pinterest can help with inspiration. Get creative and don’t be afraid to mix and match – although don’t forget about functionality for your guests. You don’t want it to be too hard for them to reach for the food! Full guests are happy guests!

Large wedding grazing platter - ways to create perfect grazing platter for wedding

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