Paper Lanterns - Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas


Transforming and decorating your venue into the ultimate setting is something that either totally elates you or raises anxiety levels due to sheer overwhelm! Depending on your venue, there may be restrictions on what you can and can’t do when it comes to decorations, however even the slightest décor can be beautiful and impactful when done right. Whether you are crazy for all thing’s décor and styling, or simply prefer to handball this task to an expert, we have some easy wedding decoration ideas that can bring your venue to life.

Rustic Wooden Crate Boxes - Easy Wedding Decorations

Rustic crate boxes

Stacking rustic crate boxes throughout your venue is becoming a popular feature among country-style, rustic weddings. It creates a vintage vibe, and couples often decorate them with native flower displays, vintage décor, antique pieces – the choices are endless.

Hanging Fairylights - Easy Wedding Decorations

Fairy light chandeliers

For the ultimate sparkle at your wedding, fairy light chandeliers create that warm and illuminating feel that can be featured both indoors and outdoors. There are so many different designs of fairy lights and creative ways they can be displayed to suit any couples style. Check out Elegant Wedding Invites blog for fairy light inspo here. Fairy lights make for stunning dance floor pictures too and are such an easy wedding decoration idea!

Flower walls

Flower walls can create a gorgeous feature wall, a backdrop for the bridal tables, a designated photo stop for guests and can illuminate even the dullest of walls. Again, the choice of flower, colour and style are completely customisable so you can work in with your venue’s space and ambience. Also becoming popular, are assorted paper walls that consist of coloured paper assortments being arranged into flower shapes. These paper walls can create a beautifully crafted pop of colour and creative flair to your wedding venue.

Photo Wall - Easy Wedding Decorations

Photo displays

Whether it’s an instant camera station whereby guests can take a picture and add it to a display, or a couple-featured display of assorted photos of your life together, photo walls can make an entertaining feature of your wedding. For rustic weddings, couples have arranged photos hanging from old wooden pellets, which look great. You may even like to merge a flower wall with a photo wall for some added creativity!


Paper Lanterns - Easy Wedding Decorations

Hanging paper lanterns

When it comes to one or two hanging paper lanterns, you probably aren’t going to make much of a styling impact, however when you upscale, more is better when it comes to these easy and simple wedding decorations. Ceilings with an abundance of hanging lanterns, whether they are in one colour or many, can create a stunning display. For ideas on how to incorporate paper lanterns in your wedding, check out I Do here.

Easy Wedding Decorations- Hanging Paper Lanterns - Easy Wedding Decorations


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