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Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

Living sustainably has filtered into the wedding scene and many couples are looking at ways to help the environment without compromising on a great wedding day. As one of the major trends of 2019, going green with an eco-friendly wedding is easier than one might think.

Here are our top eco-friendly wedding ideas:

Farm-to-table venue
Looking for a venue that grows and prepares its own produce – known as the farm-to-table concept, is a great way to promote sustainability. More couples are ditching the hotel weddings and heading for the countryside to embrace nature and local and seasonal produce. Choosing local farmers, or venues that grow and cook their own organic produce is becoming increasingly popular and will give your guests an experience to remember.

The farm Yarra Valley farm to table menu

Source: The Farm Yarra Valley

Eco-conscious invite choices are becoming more available to couples wanting to embrace sustainability. There are plenty of paperless options like Paperless Post that allow you to send and track your invites online through email. Couples wanting a traditional mail invite can still be eco-friendly by opting to use recycled paper – more paper companies are jumping on board with sustainability these days.

Wedding gowns
Traditionally many brides invest a lot of money into their wedding dress-which for most is only worn once! Modern eco-friendly brides are looking to more sustainable wedding dress options including searching on sites like Still White for second hand dresses to save on time, energy and fabric! Repurposing an existing dress such a family member’s or friend’s is another way to do your bit to help the planet. Brides still wishing to have their own wedding dress made can source a designer that uses sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and silk. Couples may also wish to find second hand bridesmaid dresses for their bridal party. Chances are they have only been worn once and will still be in great condition – just look for any obvious marks or wear and tear.

Bride wearing second hand wedding dress

Source: Instagram @stillwhite

Decorations & Décor
The options are endless when it comes to decorating your wedding. You can source local markets, eBay and second-hand stores for vintage items and decorations. You would be surprised at the collection of beautiful table centerpieces, lighting options and décor you can find if you have the right motivation. Not only are you helping the environment by reusing pre-loved items, you have the ability to design and create a beautifully unique space for your guests.

Many couples are deciding to choose more sustainable favour options to reduce their global footprint. An increasingly popular option for couples is to pick a charity and donate on behalf of their guests in lieu of individual gifts. Some couples are even handing out sustainable bags containing seeds from companies like Seed Paper Australia, so their guests can enjoy watching their new plant grow as a constant reminder of a great wedding day!

Wedding invitation made with seeds

Source: Instagram @Seedpaperaustralia

Many flowers used for weddings have been sourced from overseas. This means lots of chemicals and pesticides to keep them looking fresh which is no good for our planet. For the perfect eco-friendly wedding idea, sourcing a local florist or local grower is an eco-friendly option and will ensure the freshest of flowers for your wedding.

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