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Fun and Easy Wedding Games

Want to make your special day even more memorable for your guests without making big changes to your wedding plans? Wedding games are a great way to make your big day more memorable for guests while also encouraging them to mingle, learn more about the bride and groom and provide you with special memories you can cherish forever. Plus, wedding games don’t have to break the budget and can be super easy to make, print, buy and organise.  

We have found some of our favourite fun wedding games that you can incorporate into your upcoming wedding day, and are really excited to share them with you – Trust us, you’ll love these wedding games!

I Spy

I Spy is a great table game for your wedding guests to play and is played like a scavenger hunt with pictures. The wedding couple creates a list of things guests need to ‘spy’ while at the wedding by taking photos with disposable cameras the bride and groom can get developed after the wedding. This is a great way to keep your guests entertained while the couple get extra photos of the moments they may have missed throughout the night.  

Some things guests could ‘spy’ at your wedding are: 

  • A table group selfie  
  • A photo of the bride and groom together  
  • A beautiful decoration  
  • An epic dancer on the dance floor  
  • A picture of the bride’s dress  
  • A pair of glasses clinking together 

You will need:
1 x disposable camera per table
1 x I spy checklist for the table

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The Wedding Shoes Game

This game is a fabulous way for guests to learn more about the bride and groom and is super easy for couples to organise. The wedding party create a list of questions to be read out on the wedding night while the bride and groom sit back-to-back and hold one of their own shoes, and one of their partners. This can also be done with guests submitting questions in a ballot box on at the reception. The wedding party or DJ then reads out the questions and the couple raises the shoe of whoever the answer best applies to.  

Want the guests more involved? Get crafty and create paddles the guests can raise to represent the bride and the groom so they can try and guess the answer to the questions too! 

Questions that could be used for this game include: 

  • Who made the first move when you first met?  
  • Who falls asleep the fastest?  
  • Who has the most clothes?  
  • Who is the messiest?  
  • Who is always running late?  

You will need:
Bride and groom’s shoes
Decorated paddles/signs for the guests or per table if you want the guests involved
A list of questions

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Wedding Mad Libs

Mad Libs can be an excellent way to keep your guests busy while they wait for meals and the bride and groom to arrive at the reception. Mad Libs are pre-filled in forms or stories which require the guests to provide words to fill the blanks and complete the story. Provide each guest at their table setting a ‘mad lib’ to fill out and let your guest’s creativity go wild! Plus, this game can be easy to organise as there are plenty of mad lib print-outs online for bride and grooms can use. Check out some free printable mad libs from Popsugar.

You will need: 

A mad lib template printed for everyone
Pens or pencils OR customised stationary guests can take home as a gift!

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If you’re not into big wedding games jenga is the low key game for you! Jenga can be incorporated in many ways, such as being a wedding guest book, asking guests for advice or writing their favourite memory with the couple.

Guests take a wooden block from the stack, write their message, and re-place their block back on the top of the stack. Alternatively, the game can start with no stack, with guests creating and building the stack from scratch.  

You will need:
Enough wooden blocks to make a tower
Sharpie pens
Instruction board / chalkboard so guests know what to do.

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Activity Pages

Sometimes you just can’t go past a fun activity book! For all kids, big and small (*wink*) a set of simple games and activities can keep guests entertained while they are waiting between meals. From couple crosswords, drawing challenges, word searches, colouring pages and more, activity books and pages can make your wedding day special whilst also being a sweet takeaway guests can keep to remember the couple and their wedding night.  

Learn how to make your own and get inspiration from these great sites: 

Something Turquoise:  


Mountainside Bride:  


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We hope you were inspired by these fantastic wedding games – Make sure you tag @bridalexposaus into your wedding game pictures so we can see how much fun you’re having at your wedding!