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How To Choose A First Dance Song

It’s the moment many brides envision from a young age. You and your groom have said your vows, the curtains are drawn, and your guests hold their breath for the music to start for your first dance as husband and wife. It’s one of the most poignant moments of your wedding day, and you’re left thinking ‘How to choose a first dance song?”


Here are some helpful guidelines to help you pick a first dance song:


Decide on a genre you both like

You may have completely different tastes when it comes to music so narrowing it down to one song straight away may prove a tricky process. Start with deciding on a genre you both appreciate and the style of song you would like to dance to. Do you want a fast-paced fun song to bust some footloose-type moves or are you partial to a slower, more romantic dance? Once you have narrowed down your genre, the next step is to list songs that you both like and can picture a part of your wedding day.


Choose lyrics that resonate with your relationship

Once you have a genre decided, look for songs whose lyrics may appeal to you or represent you as a couple. Is there a song that you can relate to as a couple? Try and find a set of lyrics that tell your story. There are so many love songs out there that sing about long-distance relationships, high school sweethearts, first loves – whatever your story, there will be a song you can relate to!


Follow the beat

Perhaps you want to focus more on the songs beat instead of the lyrics and that is fine too. Picking a song with a great beat can make for a fun and entertaining first dance. Many couples decide on an up-beat number to dance to and invite guests to be a part of. These songs really showcase your dance moves!


Mesh your songs together

If picking one song is proving too difficult a task – why not mesh them together in one soundtrack so you can dance to them all! Many brides and grooms have more than one song that represents them as a couple, so they decide to include them all. This is the perfect way to spice up your dance routine and engage your wedding guests. We recommend shortening them down if you’re going to choose a few. Ask your DJ or band to help you mix some songs together if you need some help. Visit one of our upcoming expos to meet some DJ’s and band’s.



For the non-dancers

If you would prefer not to have too much attention drawn to yourselves as a couple with your first dance, there is always the option of picking a song that will get the whole crowd involved and quickly! Don’t stress if you and your partner don’t have that ‘one’ song that defines your relationship – many don’t, so they just pick a song they like the sound of. Don’t let it be a source of contention or stress for your and your partner. If you’re really stuck for ideas, check out One Fab Day’s list of first dance songs for every type of wedding to get the ball rolling.

Hopefully you’re now on the right track to konwing how to choose a first dance song!

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