How to choose an engagement ring

How To Choose An Engagement Ring

With the new year looming soon, it is natural to start thinking about what the next year will bring! One thing you might be thinking about is popping the question to someone special!

If you’re a bride-to-be that is ready to start giving your partner a big *hint hint* or a hubby-to-be wanting to pick out the perfect engagement ring for their loved one, then this is the guide for you!

We go through all the different things to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner so you can confidently pop-the-question and give them a ring they will cherish forever!


‘Cut’ actually refers to the angles and proportions of the diamond/stone in the ring. This is considered the most important element of an engagement ring, as the right cut will allow the diamond to reflect light and have a gorgeous sparkle. Diamonds that are not cut correctly will result in a lacklustre appearance, so make sure the cut is beautifully so your partner’s ring will shine when they wear it.


Clarity refers to how many little imperfections a diamond has. Imperfections won’t be visible to the naked eye, however, ensure you enquire about the clarity of the diamond on your engagement ring, as clarity sits on a scale (higher clarity or lower clarity). This can also impact price.


Although it may not look like It, diamonds have many colours, with colourless diamonds being the most expensive. The most common diamond colour is white, however, coloured diamonds include yellows, pinks and even blues. Make sure you think about what colour diamond your partner would like when you are searching for the perfect engagement ring.


This is one of the more common words people associate with diamond engagement rings. Carat means the weight of the diamond – The more it weighs, the more you pay. Many people worry about the carat of their engagement ring, however, don’t stress about it! As long as the diamond looks beautifully placed on the ring it will be gorgeous!


There are many shapes diamonds can come in. Round, princess (square), pear, oval, heart, radiant, cushion and more! They can be clustered, showcase multiple stones or just showcase a standalone diamond. Choose a shape and arrangement your partner will love. View some of their other favourite rings to help give you an idea!


Setting refers to how the diamond is placed on the ring. For example, a Tiffany setting has the diamond sit on top of the ring and a Channel setting has the diamond(s) sitting in the ring’s metal. There are many different ways the diamond can be set, so look into the options to see what you think your partners preference would be.


If you want to surprise your partner with something more unique, you may want to investigate different types of stones. There are many other stunning stones that might be a better choice for your partner. Stones including amethyst, turquoise, opal, sapphire, emerald, pearl and more are unique and beautiful options for an engagement ring.


Now that we have covered the diamond/stone, it is time to think about what colour band you would choose. Popular ring colours include yellow gold silver, rose gold, white gold and platinum. A handy hint to see what colour might be best to choose would be to look at your partners jewellery to see what colour they wear frequently. This will give you an idea as to which colour they likely prefer wearing.

Feeling more confident with what you are looking out for when engagement ring hunting?

You can find out more information about engagement rings by speaking with your local jeweler, including Tiffany, Michael Hill, Prouds The Jewellers, ANTON, Bevilles and many more.

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