Bridal Expos - Choosing a wedding photographer


One of your most treasured keepsakes from your special day will no doubt be your wedding photographs. Deciding on the perfect wedding photographer can seem like a daunting task as it is an important decision to make. You’ll want to find someone that aligns with the vision for your wedding and can capture those special moments with style. To make the process less daunting, follow our simple guide to selecting the perfect photographer! 

Choosing a wedding photographer 3

Establish your venue first

Once you have your venue sorted, it makes it easier to scout a photographer who will suit your style. It’s wise to book in early with photographers, as many of the best book out months, even up to a year, in advance.

Ask for recommendations

The next step is to ask friends and family who have recently been married, for their recommendations. If they loved their wedding photographer, get them to show you some of their photos to see if the style is your cup of tea. After all, word of mouth is one of the best ways to know you’re getting a reliable photographer!

Hone in on your photography style

Wedding photographers are not one in the same and their styles vary greatly. Do some research to work out what style of photography suits you as a couple. Make a Pinterest collage or vision board with images you like and go from there. Do you prefer a vintage look, light tones or bright, bold images? Are you a fan of more posed photographs with certain backdrops, or is a natural, action shot more your jam? This short quiz from The Knot may help you decide. Once you have a certain style in mind, write down a list of wedding photographers that meet your criteria.

Choosing a wedding photographer

Set up an initial meeting

Once you have your list of photographers sorted, start emailing them to see if they are available. If yes, schedule a meeting and be prepared with a list of questions to make sure there are no surprises along the way. The following questions may help you:

  • What is your photographic background?
  • Who will be the photographer on the day? Will there be more than one?
  • Do you have recent wedding portfolios we can look at?
  • Are there any additional costs we may encounter?
  • What exactly will you shoot on the day?
  • How long will it take to receive our photos?
  • Have you worked at our venue before?
  • What will we receive as part of your photography package?
  • Will you have a backup of our images?
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Establish the costs involved

An important part of the decision-making process is the cost of the photographer. Some may charge an hourly rate, and others may charge for a package deal. You need to establish if there will be extra charges for albums, additional pictures and high-resolution images. Ensure you know how long the photographer will be with you, if there will be a second photographer and where the photos will take place. Work together to establish an itinerary for the day, so everyone is on board with what is happening.

Trust your instincts

When it comes to decision time, carefully review all the information you have, and go with your gut! Do you and your partner like this person? Can you visualise them being there with you on your wedding day? Do you feel comfortable with the photographer? If yes – you may have just found the perfect wedding photographer!

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