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Writing your own wedding vows isn’t as daunting as it seems. Even those of us who lack confidence in writing can muster up a beautiful sentiment from the heart with a little bit of inspiration!

Our tips below aim to help and inspire you to write your wedding vows and reduce the stress during the lead up to your wedding.

Write your own wedding vows

Avoid last minute stress

Rule number one is: don’t leave writing your vows until the last minute! Why? Because this can cause a lot of unwanted stress, and when we get stressed, our creativity can suffer! Taking some time to plan your vows, write a few drafts and end up with something you are happy with can really help settle the nerves and allow things to run smoothly in the lead up to and on the day.

Make a list of all your thoughts

Set aside some time to make a list of all your thoughts when it comes to your partner. Write down what it is about your partner that makes them so special. How did you know they were the one? What are their special qualities? How do they make you feel? What are some special moments you have shared together? How did you meet? What is unique and special about your relationship? From here, you can start to see key elements that could form a focus point for your vows. Let your heart speak!

Writing your own wedding vows

Be true to your relationship

One of the beautiful things about writing your own vows is that they can be a reflection of your personality and your relationship. If you are a quirky, fun loving couple – your vows can reflect this. If you are adventurous, risk takers, or slightly more conservative – either way, your vows can sum up what makes you so unique as a couple. Guests love vows that celebrate individuality and diversity. So don’t be afraid to let your vows reflect this!

Agree on a similar tone

One of the biggest stressors when it comes to writing vows is trying to anticipate what your partner will say. However, there is no rule against agreeing on a specific tone of writing with your partner to avoid embarrassment or disappointment. Communicate with your partner about whether they are going for a more light-hearted approach, or a more sentimental and traditional. Once you have established and agreed on a common tone, you can have more confidence in knowing what you should write. And let’s remember, weddings are not a 21st birthday party so best avoid trying to completely embarrass your loved one!

Your wedding vows

Practice, practice, practice!

It goes without saying, but we will say it again anyway – practice makes perfect! Avoid unnecessary stress and nerves by practicing saying your vows as often as you can. Practice in front of a mirror, your pet, a trusted friend – anywhere you can, to instil the confidence you need to deliver your vows on the day.

Personal wedding vows are a magical touch to a wedding and we hope these tips have provided you with some inspiration to get started.

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