Bridal Hair Accessory Tips

Need-To-Know Bridal Hair Accessory Tips!

Once upon a time, there was a simple choice when it came to bridal hair accessories; the traditional veil in all its glory took centre stage for most of the twentieth century. Fast forward to modern times and you will know that whist the veil can still make an appearance, there are seemingly endless ways a bride can accessorise her hair.
So, in this vortex of endless choice, where does one start when it comes to choosing the perfect hair accessory? Well, stay with us as we take you through our need-to-know bridal hair accessory tips.

Work with what you’ve got
It’s much easier to match a hair piece to a wedding dress instead of the other way around, so in that respect, sorting out your dress beforehand is always a wise choice.

Consider your own personal style
If you’re not someone who is comfortable or used to wearing a lot of accessories or jewellery then don’t overdo it on your special day. Be true to your style and level of comfort. For those of us that love big fashion statements, then bold, big hairpieces might be your jam! For the more conservative in nature, think smaller, delicate accessories like bridal combs, bridal hair pins or clips.

Consider your hair style
This is a critical element in choosing the most suitable wedding hair accessory. Your wedding hairstyle will dictate what can and will work when it comes to accessorising. Will you have your hair up or down? Wavy or straight? Do you have thick or thin hair?
If your hair is thick and wavy, then perhaps delicate hairpieces will get lost among the lusciousness so floral headpieces or bolder, larger hairpieces may be better options. If your hair is on the thinner side, you may be better suited to more delicate hair accessories.

Types of accessories
Rivalling the veil these days are other stunning hair accessories that can really bring the bridal sparkle to life. Here are a few of our top modern picks for accessorising:

  • Floral bridal crown: suitable to accentuate the bohemian & beach- bride look.
  • Classic hair pins and clips: for the classic, elegant bride wanting to softly complement the wedding dress.
  • Bridal tiaras: For that modern regal, princess feel, tiaras can come both bold and delicate in design.
  • Geometric & metal design headpiece: for a modern, edgy style with minimalist feels.
  • The traditional veil: you can never go wrong with a veil if that’s your preference. These days they come in all sizes and designs, so you are sure to find one that suits your style.

  • Timing is everything
    Once you’ve nailed the infamous dress, the next step is to accessorise. Take photos of your dress with you or samples of the fabric as you shop around to ensure everything jells well.

    Where does one go to find wedding hair accessories?
    Well, the answer is in many places! You can shop around in bridal stores as many dress stockists will also stock hair accessories. You can try lower cost Jewellery stores, such as Lovisa, who will often stock hair accessories or shopping online is also an option to find the most competitive prices (just make sure they have a good return or exchange policy if the accessory proves unsuitable for your dress!). You can browse through an amazing collection of stunning bridal hair pieces on Esty for inspiration too.

    A wedding hair accessory can be the icing on the cake when it comes to your bridal look, so take your time in choosing and enjoy the process of finding the perfect fit! We hope you enjoyed our bridal hair accessory tips.

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    Bridal Hair Accessory Tips
    bridal hair accessory tips