A new pet addition to your guest list


This business model is one that not many people may have seen or heard of before… But it definitely has our tails wagging! Puptul allows brides and grooms to have ALL members of the family at their wedding.

After 20 years of grooming dogs of all breeds and running their own salon, veterinary nursing, showing and breeding Cocker Spaniels, the owners of Puptul decided it’s time to combine all those experiences into one and provide a quality service and offer people the luxury of having their “Best Friend” attend their wedding.

Puptul provide a pick-up service the day before your wedding, a morning walk, Puptul Champagne style breakfast and a pampering bubble bath with a pedicure the morning of your wedding – including photos of your glamorous pooch getting ready! Transporting your gorgeous smelling pet in their 1969 lowlight bay window Kombi van is only one of the many things that we love about this company. The best thing is – they have different packages and are extremely flexible dependant on your needs! Ring bearer pup? Supermodel pup? You choose and they’ll organise everything!

No pet? Puptul have many more options for you! Hire their 1969 lowlight bay window Kombi van as mentioned above for your transportation on the day OR hire one of their many cute canines for the day to give it that extra bit of cuteness!

Here at Bridal Expos Australia, we thought you should have the opportunity to meet this unique service in person, and that’s why they are featuring at your upcoming Geelong Bridal Expo on Sunday 16 October. For more information about the day click here.

Visit Puptul’s website today.