Post-Wedding Celebraton Ideas

These days wedding planning isn’t just about the wedding day as celebrations often continue the day after as newlyweds are keen for a more informal setting to mingle with their guests.  

It’s become increasingly popular for the freshly married couple to offer a post wedding celebration of some sort to continue the festivitiesPopular options include a brunch, a post-wedding luncheon, a winery catch up or a good old-fashioned barbeque. Just how do you go about planning a post wedding celebration? It really depends on your budget and the amount of planning you are willing to do 


These 5 postwedding celebration ideas will give you inspiration and tips when it comes time to planning: 

Post-wedding brunch


Post-wedding brunch: 

A popular option for couples not wanting to do a whole lot of planning is to organize a venue nearby that caters for brunch or lunch menus. All you need to do is give your guests the details of where you are planning to go and at what time and all they need to do is turn up. Of course, contacting the venue previously is a must to make sure they can cater for the number of guests you are expecting to avoid any hassles! Giving your guests an RSVP date is a good idea to let the venue know how many people you are anticipating.  


Next-day barbeque 

In true Aussie style, some couples decide on a good old-fashioned barbeque in a nearby park or house for guests to attend. This is a great option for couples wanting a relaxed setting to mingle with their guests. As relaxed as they can be, there is still some planning that needs to be done. You will need to make sure someone is responsible for purchasing the food, making salads, organizing tables and chairs, plates and cutlery and not to mention -someone who is willing to cook the barbeque! There may also be some cleaning up afterwards so this may not be the best option for couples wanting to just sit back and relax the next day! 

Winery or Pub gathering


Winery or pub gathering 

Organising a trip to a winery or pub is a good option for couples wanting to continue the wedding celebrations without much hassle of cooking or cleaning up. Wineries offer a relaxed setting where guests can chat, enjoy wine tasting and eat a meal if they are hungry! Some wineries will offer courtesy buses for groups of guests which is a handy travel option.  



Outdoor activities 

Some newlyweds who are more adventurous like to organize a fun day out such as a golf trip, a fishing trip, a day spa, a trip to the beach or paintballing! Almost a ‘group honeymoon’ straight after the event, they continue the celebrations with special family, friends, or the bridal party as a way of thanking them with their wedding planning assistance.  



Picnic in a park 

A picnic celebration in a nearby park or location can offer a relaxed setting for guests to catch up post wedding. You may want to ask guests to bring a plate of something to share or order some grazing platters as an easy food option. Just bear in mind what time of year your wedding is and if the weather is suitable for such a celebration.  


Whatever your budget, there will be a suitable option for your post wedding celebration. The key is to work out who you want there, what you are willing to spend and how much planning you want to have to do the day after your big day! The rest will fall into place once these big questions are answered.  


We hope you have some inspiration to get your post wedding celebrations underway! Have a great post wedding celebration idea you would like to share? Share it with us on our facebook page.