Remember Loved ones At Your Wedding

Heartfelt ways to remember loved ones at your wedding

For every ounce of joy a wedding can bring, there can also be emotions and sadness when someone special has passed and their presence missed at your wedding. In these situations, it can be a beautiful gesture to honour these special people on your big day.

We have compiled a list of heartfelt ways to remember your loved ones at your wedding so they can still be a special part of your day.

Attach a personal item to your flower bouquet

Whether it was your special persons favourite flower, a locket, a charm, a piece of jewellery, making this a part of your flower bouquet can be a special way to honour your loved one. This is a creative and beautiful way to hold them close by.

Memorial table

Some couples like to set up a designated memorial table with photos or memoirs of their lost loved ones. Memoirs could include personal items of theirs, a photo or story board, or even a message book for friends and family to share their thoughts.

Box of photographs to be used in memorial table at wedding reception

Save a seat

Some couples wish to save a seat for their loved ones who have passed during the ceremony or reception. This gesture can be a trigger for some people so it is important to discuss what works best for you as a couple and how you both feel about this option. You may add a sign to the chair or just make note of it in your seating chart.

Spare seat left for passed family member at wedding reception

Wedding program

Some couples opt to include a picture in loving memory of their loved one as part of the wedding program. This is a lovely gesture that also becomes a keepsake for you as the couple and for your guests.

Remembrance candles

You may wish to include a remembrance candle that represents an eternal flame that embodies a special message about your lost loved ones. There are many ways to design candles with personal messages that can make a beautiful and heartfelt display. Ask you celebrant about the best way to incorporate this into your wedding ceremony or reception.

Memorial Candles at wedding ceremony

Carry a family heirloom

Cherish the memories of someone close to you as you carry something of theirs down the aisle with you. This could be a piece of jewellery, a handkerchief, a small photo, even a personal item sewn into your dress or suit so they are with you all day and can be a wonderful way to honour their memory.

Charitable donation in loved one’s name

If there was a charity close to your loved one’s heart, why not opt to make a donation on the guest’s behalf in lieu of wedding favours? Many charities and organisations can arrange for customised thank you notes and pins for the guests in return for the donation, so these could make note of your loved one and be a very special way to support something that would have meant so much to them.

Just remember there are many ways to honour lost loved ones at your wedding so you feel they are still with you on your special day. There will be a special way that is right for you as a couple. Head to our Facebook page or ‘Be Inspired’ page for more wedding planning tips and inspiration to help you plan your special day.