Bridal Shower Ideas


Bridal showers are a time-honoured tradition with an interesting history, originating as a way to provide small gifts for a bride to start her home if she did not have much wealth. The reasons for hosting a bridal shower have evolved since then and with many brides having one as part of their wedding celebrations we’ve compiled a list of some popular, modern bridal shower trends that have emerged. Some of them may surprise you!

Bridal Shower High Tea - Bridal Expos Australia


You can never go wrong with a high tea, and recent trends are taking this popular option outdoors for a garden party! Think fairy lights, bright-coloured rugs, pillows and outdoor furniture for a relaxed vibe. Guests can enjoy a variety of sweet and savoury finger food and why not throw in some fancy cocktails as well? For some delicious food inspiration, check out Savouring Today’s range of high-tea recipes.  The options for a garden high tea party are endless, which means you can cater for the bride’s unique tastes and interests.

Bridal Shower wine tasting


These days you don’t need to visit a winery (although many wouldn’t complain!) to experience a superior wine-tasting experience. Some bridal parties are choosing to hire professional wine stewards to guide a wine tasting experience for guests. For a really lavish experience, you can even pair wines with certain meals or food, to really spoil the bride to be! Transform your home into its own fine dining experience!

Bridal Shower Coed Party - Bridal Expos Australia


In recent times, more couples are choosing to host coed parties that involve both the bride and groom and their friends. Instead of just a bridal shower, couples are opting for simple BBQs, small parties or get togethers to celebrate. This option is popular for couples who may be heading away on a honeymoon and guests decide to chip in for some holiday accessories! Backyard soirees are also a great option for couples who are particularly outdoorsy and want to celebrate together.

Bridal Shower Bridgerton High Tea - Bridal Expos Australia


For those Bridgerton-obsessed fanatics – this bridal shower theme has you covered! Imagine guests dressing up in their most regal outfits, lush floral arrangements and monochrome centrepieces! For decorations, think floral tablecloths, a wreath of lavish flowers and greenery and elegant fine china. From invites, to lavish outfits and games, this regal theme has the potential for lots of fun and long-lasting memories.

Bridal Shower Coachella Theme - Bridal Expos Australia


With international travel not on the cards at the moment, why not bring a taste of California to you and your guests? For something a little different this Coachella-themed bridal shower is perfect for that music-loving bride with a flair for boho fashion! Create a music playlist of favourite songs the bride will love and will have guests grooving. For decorations, think flower crowns, festival glitter, white dresses, denim jackets, crochet tops, earthy coloured sandals, ankle boots and denim shorts! Deck the garden with rugs, pillows and tepees for guests to sit and relax in.

The modern-day bridal shower has most certainly evolved and theme ideas can span as far as your imagination will take you!

We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your bridal shower or for a bridal shower you’re organising for a friend. For more wedding tips and inspiration, make sure you follow us on Facebook.