unplugged wedding

Why should you consider an unplugged wedding?

As social media and smart phones have boomed, a new wedding trend has emerged: Unplugged wedding ceremonies.

Picture this: you’ve paid for a professional photographer to capture your wedding. After the best day of your life, you spend the next few weeks eagerly waiting for your photographer to send you the final photos. You get them back and see all your guests holding their phones in the air, leaning into the isle taking photos. Everyone is watching the most special moment of your life through their camera lens. Wouldn’t it have been a much nicer photo if nobody were holding their iPhone?

unplugged wedding

Unplugged weddings are where only the professional photographer is allowed to take photos during the ceremony. While some couples encourage their guests to take photos at their weddings, others are requesting that everyone refrains from pulling out their phones while the bride walks down the isle.


There are so many arguments for and against unplugged weddings. Some argue that they want guests at their wedding to be able to have their own photos of the day. And some argue that they love getting everyone to send them pictures after the event so they can have some photos to show off while waiting for the professional ones. However, others say that unplugged weddings create a more intimate atmosphere and prevent everyone being distracted by their phones!


Unplugged wedding ceremonies are great if you’re worried about:


  • Your guests ruining your photos holding their phones up to take photos during the ceremony
  • Unfortunately timed flash or camera noises during the ceremony or speeches
  • Your guests forgetting to turn their phones on silent during the ceremony, or
  • Guests uploading photos to social media of you in your wedding dress before you do


Unplugged wedding ceremonies sound amazing if you’re worried about people being on their phones in all your photos, but it can be difficult to control. Some couples get the celebrant or emcee to announce that it is an unplugged event at the start of the ceremony, others have signs at the entrance of the event, and some even state it on their invitations!


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