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11 Must Haves In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you’ve spent months planning and fine detailing every aspect of the perfect wedding day to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible. However, no matter how much preparation has gone into the day, no doubt there might be a few minor hiccups, especially in the fashion and beauty department.

So prepare for the ‘just in case’. A wedding day emergency kit can save the day from wardrobe malfunctions, make up disasters and most importantly the blisters and sores from all that dancing. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Here’s our pick for what to include in your wedding day emergency kit…

1. Hair Accessories

Your hair, or your bridesmaids’ hair, may stay perfect for the whole day and evening. Or during the reception you might decide to pull it out of its updo, or a gust of wind or sprinkling of rain may lead to the need to tame the mane. Either way, make sure you’ve got the hair essentials in your wedding day emergency kit, such as bobby pins (a big pack of bobby pins!), hair ties, hair spray and a hairbrush or comb.

2. Double-sided Tape

Incase that dress strap keeps slipping or a section of the dress gapes more than intended!

3. Sewing Kit

Purchase a small sewing kit that includes the essentials for small wardrobe malfunctions, including scissors, thread and safety pins. Don’t forget to buy some thread that matches your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

4. Tissues

Mini packs of tissues will come in handy and lets be honest you will need them for quick dabbing to help catch the tears throughout the ceremony! Plus makeup smudges, running nose… you just never know when a tissue will come in handy so don’t forget them!

5. Makeup

Keep that makeup glow and include what you would need to touch up and maintain your make throughout the day, such as finishing powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, eye liner, brushes and bronzer.

6. Makeup or Baby Wipes

Makeup wipes, or even baby wipes, are great for many things, and not just for taking care of any makeup smudges throughout the day. They’re also a big help if you accidentally spill something on your outfit or need to get a lipstick smudge off a wedding gown.

7. Deodorant & Perfume

Deodorant and your favourite perfume is essential to keep you feeling fresh and smelling great throughout the whole day. You can purchase mini bottles or sample size so they can fit easily into your emergency kit.

8. Sunscreen

No one wants to get sunburnt on their wedding day, not only can it hurt, but sunburn can also lead to dehydration and we don’t want that! Shield yourself from those cheeky UV rays on your special day.

9. Medical Essentials

Ensure you have included your main pain reliver in your emergency kit, other medicines for indigestion, allergies and headaches should also be considered when packing your kit. Don’t forget other medical essentials such as band-aids and antiseptic, these may also come in handy throughout the day.

10. Snacks

Sometimes with the rush and stress of the day, the bridal party might not eat enough and at some stage during your wedding day, you ‘e going to be hungry, and food may not  be on hand. Pack a few snacks to help get you through, including healthy snacks such as muesli bars and fruit or nuts, especially when you are feeling low in energy.

11. Water Bottle

It can be a long day. Stay hydrated! (With water! 😉)

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