Wedding Favours

Giving out wedding favours and bonbonnieres are a popular way for the bride and groom to say thankyou to their loved ones for being a part of their special day. Some couples make their wedding favours reflect who they are as a couple whereas others tailor them towards the guests attending their wedding. Here are some different ideas for wedding favours every guest will love!

  • Jam and Honey Wedding Favour Jars: It is always said the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. What better way can you thank your guests than by giving them a small jar of homemade jam or honey to spread on their toast the next day. The jars can be labelled with a wedding hashtag or with quotes and puns such as spread the love, or meant to ‘bee’.

  • Plants, Flowers Herbs and Succulents: These often make nice wedding favours as guests are likely to plant and use the greenery at home. They symbolise growth and blooming of love. A common tagline for these bonbonnieres is often ‘let the love grow’.

  • Candles and Matches: You can never have to many candles in our opinion, and the match boxes can be printed with casing saying ‘match made in heaven’ or ‘the perfect match’.

  • A Morning After the Wedding Kit: This wedding favour has gained a lot of attention lately as many couples opt to give their beloved guests a Hangover Kit or First Aid Kit to use the next day these are usually full of all the necessities; band aids, paracetamol, mints, lip balm and water are some examples of what can be included.

  • Coffee and Tea: A tea-riffc way to show your guests how much you appreciate them and their attendance and who doesn’t love a hot drink?

  • Drink Holder/Stubby Holder and Bottle Openers: Much more of an Aussie wedding favour that guests can even use at the wedding reception. To have and to hold and keep your drink cold!


  • Recipe Cards: The Bride and Groom can print their favourite recipes on a card to give to their guests as a special way of sharing something personal about the couple with their friends and family. When family and friends try the recipe they’ll always think of you!


  • Candy Bar/Bags: If your guests have a sweet tooth why not include a small bag of lollies or chocolate for them to snack on, on the way home? Candy and kisses from the new Mr and Mrs!

  • In lieu of a bonbonniere the happy couple can give their guests a small pin or token in relation to a charity that means something to them which they donated money to instead of spending it on a bonbonniere.

  • Some weddings have recently skipped bonbonnieres all together as most guests are just happy to celebrate the couple and receive no gift in return, or – you could always have an open bar instead!