What Are My Wedding Options With Coronavirus – COVID-19

Oh no, Coronavirus has ruined your wedding plans – now what? You’re probably wondering:

“What are my wedding options with Coronavirus?”

Firstly, we are so sorry to hear you’ve had to change your plans and defer celebrating your special day. We know the hours and energy that goes into wedding planning, but be rest assured your new future wedding date will be just as special! We have heard stories from numerous brides about how they are tackling this situation.

Couple Getting Married Solo With Coronavirus Restrictions - What are my wedding options with Coronavirus

Based on the decisions made by these brides, there are three main wedding options with Coronavirus restrictions in place;

  1. Get married now, have the party later
    There is the option to split up the proceedings of your wedding. You can still (legally at this point!) have a registered marriage celebrant and two witnesses socially distance at your wedding (one being a photographer if you still want happy snaps!) and make it official while this goes on. You can live stream the ceremony to loved ones so that they can be involved in the exchanging of vows. Then, once the Coronavirus has passed you have the opportunity to throw the biggest and best party of your life (after postponing or cancelling your current plans). You could choose to re-stage the wedding vows with family and your celebrant again, or play a recording of the official process at your reception. PLUS you may even choose to wear your dress twice if you want to! Not many Brides can say they’ve had the opportunity to do that 😊


You may get to wear your dress twice
Can still get married on your set date

Family and friends can’t physically be in attendance at your vows

Friend watching wedding online with Coronavirus restrictions

  1. Postpone the wedding
    The best way to go about this is to discuss your potential dates with your venue (as this is usually the largest element of the wedding!) and get them to give you a list of dates available. Discuss with your ‘must have’ suppliers first – which of these dates suits your photographer, makeup and hair artist and celebrant? Are immediate and important family members available on this date (if this important to you) and hopefully everyone lines up. Then it’s time to make the call.
    Move all other services to your new date. If someone if unavailable, you may need to find a new supplier. Don’t forget that lots of other brides have already booked and planned their weddings for late 2020 – early 2021 so once this is over the wedding industry may be spread a little thin! Get in touch with all attendees and let them know the date you’ve moved it to (via phone or email, something timely) and then arrange for new invitations or RSVPs if you want to mail these out again

By only postponing, most deposits should be transferrable to new dates
You can enjoy your wedding in full, with all family and friends as planned

Your wedding date will be pushed back
Communicating the new date to all parties can be tricky
Dates will be limited

Bride hanging up her wedding dress - postponed due to COVID 19

  1. Cancel the wedding and potentially plan again once this is all over
    Stress and anxiety can play a big part in any normal wedding planning process, and in trying times like this, stress can be even more heightened and affect your health. Read our blog, 5 ways to avoid wedding stress here. If the stress of your wedding is affecting your health (either prior to or during the current climate), please speak to a medical professional and take steps to eliminate your stress and worry – even if this means cancelling your wedding temporarily. You may decide that maybe it’s not what you’re needing right now. Potentially funds are running low with job losses or there’s just too much going on in the world to think about getting married – and that’s okay.

Mental Health
May give you a chance to reassess what you want and need

Replanning Again

Bride finally ready for her wedding day

Remember, you are not alone. These restrictions are in place to keep everyone healthy and safe, including your loved ones. This virus will end and we will all come out of it on the other side.

What a great story to tell your grandchildren, your wedding couldn’t go ahead because of some crazy virus sweeping the globe! We know this is stressful and disappointing most of all, but try to find some positives, and hold onto them. One day, you may be able to laugh about the madness of planning a wedding, twice! We hoped this has helped you when thinking “What are my wedding options with coronavirus?”

Good luck! 

For Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates, please refer to the Australian Government Department of Health here.