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What to consider when including your pet in your wedding

We all love our furry family members, so much so that many couples want to have their much-loved pets involved in their special day. If you’re thinking about involving your dog, cat, horse, rabbit or other pet in your wedding then here’s a few things to consider.

Check with your venue!

One of the most important things to do is speak with your wedding venue/s! Are they pet friendly and are they happy for your pets to be on their premises?

Are the key wedding ceremony participants ok with animals?

The last thing you need is a groomsman sneezing all through your wedding ceremony because he’s allergic to dogs! So before working out how your beloved pets will be involved with your special day, first check…

  • Are the celebrant and photographer comfortable to work with animals?
  • Are all members of the bridal party and other people involved with the wedding ceremony ok with animals?
  • No allergies or serve phobias?

Some other questions to make sure you handle and tick off the list

  • What will you need during the wedding to keep your pet happy and comfortable?
  • How long is the drive to the venue or venues? If it’s long distance, will your pet cope with that or will they become agitated or out of sorts?
  • Is there an area for your pet to be taken out for walk and toilet breaks?
  • Will any of the planned décor cause your pet to become too distracted?
  • Will someone be taking your pet home after photos?

Will your pet cope?

  • What kind of temperament and personality does your pet have?
  • Will they be able to cope with all the people and attention? (will they become withdrawn or get overexcited?)
  • How do they go in new environments?

How will you include them?

There are lots of sweet and cute ways you can involve your pet in your wedding ceremony. They could be the right bearer, “walk” the bride down the aisle, or just be involved in some cute wedding photos.

Who will be the pet wrangler on the day?

Have at least two people assigned to take care of your pets on the day (they can take turns so they get a break from pet duty). They’ll need to handle food and water, grooming before the ceremony, popping them in any accessories you have, bathroom walks and overall attention, praise and comfort.

There are even businesses that specialise in managing and taking care of your pet, or pets, on the day, including transport, grooming and even taking them for a sleep-over on the night of your wedding.

Here are some super cute inspiration for including your pet, or pets, in your special day…

If you can’t have your there on the day, but want to feature them somehow here are a few ideas on how to still include them are:

  • Photos displayed
  • Mentioned in the ceremony
  • Cardboard cut out
  • Figurine on the cake
  • On the wedding invitations
  • Photo on a card or as part of the table setting

However you incorporate your pets in your wedding, you’ll create wonderful memories and lots of fun!