Your Wedding Day: Tips from Makeup Artists

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Ensure your wedding makeup is perfect

Guest publication by Yong-Li Zhou from Enbacci Skincare.

Getting married is a big deal. There are a mix of emotions you have, particularly on the day of the wedding. Some are nervous or anxious, others are feeling stressed, or if you were like me, completely fine until you walk down that aisle and become a bucket of tears. No matter how you are feeling, we want to limit external factors that could trigger our emotions and that starts by feeling and looking your best. So here are some of our top tips from makeup experts on how to prepare to look your best on your wedding day.


All makeup artists will stress the importance of having a trial before your wedding day. You use the time to get to know the Makeup Artist’s work, as well as work together to achieve the look you want for your special day – however in saying that , if you don’t know what you want, trust that your Makeup Artist knows what works best for you. A struggle I experienced on my wedding day was getting my bridesmaids to feel comfortable with the makeup they had on their faces as they weren’t used to wearing so much. One complained that her lipstick was too dark whilst the other complained that her eyebrows were too bold. But as Trang from @tdhbeautyservice says “don’t worry if your brows are a little darker than usual – flash photography tends to wash out your natural skin color and tones” and in the end, they both loved how they looked in photos *cue eyeroll*.
If you intend on having had a spray tan or lash extensions done for your wedding day, let your Makeup Artist know in advance and if possible, give the tan a go a couple of days before your trial so your Makeup Artist know what she/he is working with. Sometimes foundations just don’t go to plan and can oxidise on freshly tanned skin.
Wear a white T-shirt on the day of your trial and get some photos in natural light as well as with flash to see whether the makeup withstands the camera. Bring your jewellery and headpiece on the day of the trial (if possible) – this way you can see the ‘completed’ look and make changes if you need to prior to the wedding day.
The most important thing about trialling with your Makeup Artist is to determine how comfortable you are with them. If you feel uncomfortable at all with your Makeup Artist at your trial, then seek for someone else. You are placing your big day in their hands so you need to be happy and comfortable with them.


Long-lasting flawless makeup isn’t just about skill. It’s important to have a good canvas. Having a good skincare routine and including an exfoliating process at least once a week is essential to achieving even skin. If you are an everyday makeup wearer, perhaps a professional microdermabrasion treatment is something you should seek to do once every four weeks in the lead up to the wedding. Makeup Artist Heidi (@misshuong) suggests to her clients getting an oxygen facial at least 2-5 days prior to the wedding date. Oxygen facials helps to hydrate, plump, brighten and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


A mistake often made by women is getting facials, waxing, lash extensions and spray tans done the day before the wedding. All that pampering should be done at least 72 hours prior to the big day. You want to avoid any potential flare ups that want to surprise you on your wedding day.

I knew I wanted big bold lashes for my wedding but I didn’t want to take the risk of an allergic reaction. Whilst Trang recommends having lash extensions done at least 4-5 days prior to your wedding, she still warns that reactions to the glue can occur at any time. That is why I opted for a natural lash lift from a certified Yumi Lash Technician and wore false lashes on the day with a glue that I regularly use.

The exception to this rule are lips. Nothing is harder to work with than trying to apply lipstick on cracked, dry lips, so exfoliate your lips the night before your wedding. Trang suggests a quick DIY recipe that involves mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil & a teaspoon of brown sugar together. Rub over your lips and rinse.


Have a beauty emergency kit ready to go between the time your Makeup Artist leaves and your touch up in the evening. Trang suggests that a kit should include a face powder with a small sponge, Enbacci travel sized Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence, clear nail polish, lipstick/gloss, q-tips, oil blotters, tweezers, safety pins, hair pins, band aids, eye drops, tampons & a small mirror.


Keep yourself hydrated in the lead up to the wedding by drinking plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep the day before the wedding. While it’s tempting to stay up late drinking champagne with your bridesmaids/men, this is very dehydrating on your skin.


You hear that sometimes the stress of the whole day gets the better of the newlyweds. This was fortunately not the case on our day. Sure there were issues like falling behind schedule, or the flowers turning up in the complete wrong colour scheme, but we knew we wanted our day to be fun so that is what we did, partied long and hard into the early morning of the next day.


We wish all you brides and grooms to be a lovely wedding! Share with us your wedding day photos and what skincare tip you followed in the lead up to your big day via Instagram using #enbaccilove and #bridalexposaustralia.