Wedding Stationery Checklist and Considerations

Wedding Stationery Checklist & Considerations

When you’re planning your wedding stationery – there is so many different items to consider and plan! Do you want and need them all? Jasmine from Jasmine Designs has put together a wedding stationery checklist for us. This will  help out when thinking of all the different design items you may need to have created!

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Wedding Stationery Checklist

  • Engagement Announcement Card
  • Save The Dates
  • Invitations
  • Menus
  • Place Cards
  • Table Seating Charts
  • Guest Books
  • Signage (chalkboards)
  • Wedding Favours (Packaging and customisation) (for some ideas see our blog post here!)
  • Thank You Cards


Things to consider:

Colour matching with other elements in your wedding
If you have a colour theme or trend for your wedding, you will want all of the items to flow through all of your designs and wedding elements. Whether it is a colour featured in the bridesmaid dresses or a particular flower to feature on the invitation, an element such as this can tie all of the separate parts together. It can also make choosing other colours and elements easier, as you have a theme/trend/palette to base your decisions off.

Different materials
Most items can be hand painted, etched or lasercut with elements of illustration, foil printing, letterpress and watercolour added! Don’t limit your ideas to just paper; invitations can also be printed onto wood, acrylic or be sent digitally these days! Speak to your graphic designer about trialling any of these elements with your design if you want these included or if you really like the look of these materials and mediums.

The personality and style of the wedding
You will want the stationery to match the overall style of wedding you are having. If it’s a formal, sit down affair this will call for a very different style of invitation compared to a more relaxed, canape wedding. The stationery can help to elude the feel and vibe of the wedding and can help guests to anticipate the dress code (although it never hurts to include this on the invitation to clear it up!).

It’s okay to go to your designer with a budget – it helps to give an idea of the materials that would be suitable and the stock for the printing. They can make recommendations and help you determine the best options for your wedding stationery.

About Jasmine Designs

Hi! I’m Jasmine of Jasmine Designs, but call me Jaz. I am here to make your wedding day easier by taking your ideas and magically bringing them to life, without costing the earth or losing your sanity. My reason for getting into the bridal game is simple, I saw too many of my friends planning and preparing their day and having a long list of different suppliers they had to deal with. The conversations got confusing, their theming got muddy and they got the stresses that they just didn’t need.

That’s where the Design Superwoman came in, ready to sort them out and save the day. Rather than having a designer and a printer and a signwriter and a planner, they got me to do the lot. This meant they had one point of contact, one source of information and one person in charge of making their theme consistent. It also meant one invoice to pay at the end. And thats what I want to do for you, look after you and your day, from Save the Date to Thank you card and every moment in between.

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