Your Guide To 2020 Wedding Trends

New year, new decade, new 2020 wedding trends! Here at Bridal Expos we are all about embracing exciting new trends that are taking stage on the wedding scene! You can be assured 2020 is the year to challenge traditional wedding boundaries, have some fun and make a statement!


Here is a snapshot of 2020 wedding trends gaining traction this year!


The two-piece wedding outfit

Thanks to popular Instagram influencers such as Steph Clair Smith, the rise of the two-piece wedding gown is reaching epic proportions. More brides are opting to show off their midriff with either a matching two-piece set or a mix and match top and bottom that makes a bold statement. The beauty of the two-piece is that brides can make a quick and easy change to suit any stage of the wedding! Another popular trend is silk pants and a matching top to dance the night away in!

Steph Clair Smith in two piece wedding dress - 2020 wedding trends

Image from Steph Clair Smith Instagram

A touch of pearl

Pearl embellishments such as headpieces, necklaces, drop earrings and bracelets are on trend for 2020. Pearls are even making a major statement studded into wedding gowns, veils and wedding shoes for a stunning and polished finish. So elegant and refined, you can’t go wrong with adding pearls to your outfit this wedding season!

Pearls and flowers - 2020 wedding trends

Earthy tones

Move over big, bright colours and make way for earthier tones when it comes to flowers and styling – at least this is what the 2020 wedding trends are telling us. Couples are choosing to move away from traditional flowers like roses towards wildflowers and grasses to create a more natural, earthy feel. These days expect to see wildflowers and grasses hanging out all over the place – not just as a traditional centerpiece! Wedding stylists have seen an increase in popularity for natural flowers as the main wedding decorations.

Flowers in vase - 2020 wedding trends

Circular ceremonies

Once again challenging the traditional wedding boundary is what is known as a circular ceremony. This is where the ceremony takes place in a circle with the couple and celebrant in the middle. This is shaping up to be a popular wedding trend in 2020 for smaller, more intimate weddings, where guests can feel truly connected to the experience. This way no guest need worry about tall people blocking their view of the ceremony!

wedding ceremony sign - 2020 wedding trends


Eco-conscious weddings rose to fame at the end of the last decade, however, are predicted to remain on trend for 2020. Millennials and Gen Y are leading the pack with eco-conscious wedding ideas including finding venues that offer food that is sustainable and locally produced, plantable seed invites, donations to charities in lieu of wedding favours and more. Check out our previous post on eco-friendly wedding ideas here.

sustainability chalk drawing - 2020 wedding trends

We hope you have some inspiration to start your wedding planning.

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