Event stationery like you’ve never seen it


A beautiful and effective change to stationery is here, and you don’t want to miss out.

With a lot of compeition, Emma Smith Event Stationery have been the stand out in modern times, with their classy look and simple-on-the-eye designs. After all, less is more.

If you would like a little more, or something original to make a statement, it can be custom made to suit the theme of your occassion. We design your whole stationery suit, from the initial concept, to draft and finally print.

It’s as easy as sending them an email and it all takes off from there!

“Graphic design is more than opening Microsoft Word or Publisher and typing words and inserting a clip art. It involves a whole lot of elements and principles to get the look right. While every designer is different, they all use the same elements and principles of design. The knowledge and expertise to produce a finished item (using the right tools), takes time. And by time I mean sometimes hours in front of the computer, or paints or pencils”. Emma Smith explains on her website blogs.

You can visit Emma Smith Event Stationery at our Mornington Bridal Expo on Sunday 18th September.